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Friday, October 25, 2002
More Downloads
Here is another quick update from the Downloads Centre:
  • Holland 80's Home Kit
  • Clarence Seedorf Face
  • Romeo's Boots
  • America 2002-03 Home & Away Kits (4GK)
  • Municipal Bancafe 2002-03 Home, Away & 3rd Kits
Click to Enlarge
Romeo's Boots

Head on over to the Downloads Centre and pick up even more great files.
Posted by Will

Downloads Update
Here are the newest files added to our Downloads Centre:
  • 2002-2003 Roster Update 3.0
  • Levante 2002-03 Home & Away Kits (4GK)
  • Schalke 04 2002-03 Home Kit
  • Kaiserslautern 2002-03 Home Kit
  • Hertha BSC Berlin 2002-03 Away Kit
  • 1860 Munich 2002-03 Home & Away Kits
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Levante and 1860 Munich 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits

Check out our Downloads Centre and download all of these fantastic new files. Enjoy!
Posted by Will

Thursday, October 24, 2002
Venezuelan & Latin American Super Patch 2002

Over at Soccer Access they have released an updated version of SuperWill's Venezuelan & Latin American Super Patch 2002.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

It now contains:

  • Flags, Kits (a lot 4GK), Badges, Stats and Rosters of ALL of the Professional Leagues from Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina
  • 22 Adboards of the leagues
  • ALL Kits and Rosters of the National teams of the CONMEBOL
  • Venezuelan TV "Transmission Meridiano Television" Pop-ups
  • Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF) and CONMEBOL Penalty Balls
  • Menus, Legal Screens and Icons reflecting the Venezuelan League
  • Complete Leagues Menu Screen with all the Leagues badges
  • The Stadium "Brigido Iriarte" of the team Avila (Diablo Rojos) made by Salvador Cappiello
  • It replaces the leagues from Korea, Belgium, Norway, France and Sweden
  • And it includes the 4GK essential files

Go grab your copy of this great patch direct from the MRA site's Patches Database.

Posted by Dave

We are back with CAF Champions League 2002

We are back in service again following the deletion of our news caused by a server problem. We'll try to restore as much as possible for you and apologise for any inconvenience this break has caused.

We start back with Ayman E Kaboli & Amr Bash who have sent Sweetpatch their new super patch for the CAF Champions League 2002.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

This new patch includes:

  • El-Ahly, Zamalek, Esperance, El-Raja, Asec, Costa Do-Sol, Mazembe & Jan Dark Kits 3GK (home & away)
  • All teams rosters and flags
  • Cairo stadium & Tunisia stadium (clear day)
  • Title & global menus

Grab your copy of this great new patch direct from the MRA site's Patches Database.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, October 12, 2002
New Downloads
Here are a few more files for you to download from our Downloads Centre:
  • Rosenborg 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits
  • Anderlecht 2002-2003 Home, Away & Goalie Kits
  • Hertha BSC Berlin 2002-2003 Home Kit
  • Manchester United Menu
  • Vasco FC Home & Away Kits
  • Argentinian Adboards
  • Manchester United Ball
  • Galatasaray Ball
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Rosemborg 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits and Manchester United Menu

Head on over to our Downloads Centre now and pick up all of these great new additions.
Posted by Will

Wednesday, October 9, 2002
Quick News From Fifa Online
Leo has sent me exciting news from his site, Fifa Online. They have released the Serie A 4GK Kits Patch. It contains all home, away and goalkeeper kits for the 18 Italian Serie A teams as well as the 3rd kit for some!

Click to Enlarge
Serie A 4GK Kits Patch

To download this 3MB patch, head on over to Fifa Online and pay a visit to their Downloads section.
Posted by Will

Downloads Centre Update
Here is today's Downloads Centre update:
  • Barcelona 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits
  • Manchester United 2002-2003 Home Kit (2GK)
  • Everton 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits (4GK)
  • Fulham 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits (4GK)
  • Maccabi Haifa 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits
  • Valencia Classical Kit (4GK)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Barcelona 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits and Fulham 2002-2003 Home & Away Kits (4GK)

All of these great files can be found in our awesome Downloads Centre.
Posted by Will

Sunday, October 6, 2002
BundesligaFX - Saison 2002/03

As we all enjoy the new Fifa 2003 demo, there are still some great Fifa 2002 super patches being released. Fifa 4 Fans recently released a new patch for Fifa Football 2002: BundesligaFX - Saison 2002/03. It's an enormous patch for FifaFX 2002.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Here are all the features:

  • all 18 teams in the German Bundesliga, 3 teams out of the 2nd division and the German national team
  • 82 different kits and keeper kits
  • 4 kits for the referees
  • 44 fanflags distributed on 22 teams
  • 22 stadiums (G3) for all 22 teams
  • 22 new team logos for the scoreboards
  • 22 completely new, team specific fan crowds
  • 122 different adboard textures
  • 7 different balls (6 of them used SHRB-Technic)
  • 4 different coloured nets for the goals
  • 22 completely new created training suits
  • 7 different camera textures
  • 176 different fan posters for the away crowds sectors
  • for every team its own, team specific sounds
  • all together it makes an unbelievable 150 MB, that's why they have split the BundesligaFX into several packs:
    • Pack 1: all 22 team folders without any sounds and stadiums [7.9 Mb]
    • Pack 2: 22 intro sounds and 22 goal hymns (in each case 1 per Team) [18.4 Mb]
    • Pack 3: all other sounds for the teams (more intro and goal hymns, halftime sounds, ending sounds (win-loss-tie) & in each case 8 fan chants) [90.5 Mb]
    • Pack 4: all 22 stadiums for the teams [33.9 Mb]

You can get the full details of this patch from the MRA site's Patches Database and then download it from Fifa 4 Fans.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, October 5, 2002
Downloads Update
Here are the new files for today straight out of our Downloads Centre:
  • The Best Boots Of World
  • Middlesbrough 2002-2003 Home Kit (4GK)
  • Mauritius Home & Away Kits
  • Belgium Home & Away Kits
  • Liechtenstein Home & Away Kits
  • Greek Teams Update
  • Ahly Faces Pack
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
The Best Boots Of World and Belgium Home & Away Kits

These files, plus the upcoming FIFA 2003 files can all be found in the Downloads Centre.
Posted by Will

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